A tablet PC comes along with a touch screen as the primary input device. A stylus is provided to navigate on the touch screen with great ease. The best part of a tablet PC is its light weight and compact size, which helps you to take it anywhere on the go. This year MSI jumped into the market of tablet PCs. This company is well known for its laptops and computer motherboards. Now MSI is going to launch its first, a Tablet PC known as WindPad 100W.

Following are the specifications regarding WindPad 100W:

It comes with Intel mobile processor. WindPad enhances operating system environment with Windows 7 Home Premium version. Windows 7 is the latest OS platform for Windows. Working on the latest operating system enhances the capability of working. 2 Gigabytes of DDR 2 internal physical memory enhances the speed of the system. The programs run on the system are primarily loaded on the physical memory. So, with 2GB of physical memory, WindPad is capable of running applications very smoothly on Windows 7. WindPad gives a brilliant display with a touch screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and you can take your personal data anywhere along with a 32 Gigabytes of offline storage capacity. Some additional device support that comes along with WindPad Tablet PC includes USB Ports, I/O port and micro SD card reader. Rest of the features include Wi-Fi 802.11g, two cameras, and battery backup for continuous run of 6 hrs. With all these power packed configuration WindPad 100W weighs only 800g.

This Tablet PC from MSI provides a HDMI port, through which an external monitor or any display device having a HDMI terminal can be connected. You can switch the HD display of your system to a projector via HDMI port.

WindPad comes along with some inbuilt applications like EasyFace, magnifier tool, photo viewer and wind touch. Some applications are specially configured to touch sensitive input of the Tablet PC. Easyface and wind touch are such applications that are specially developed for the touch input of Tablet PC. The Tablet companion of WindPad can be used as personal home computer system or a business machine. As viewed from business purpose it is an ideal conference device.