You would definitely love the MSI WindPad U100W Windows 7 tablet PC. You would just love it because of its all new killer look. It is going to change the way people compute. It is a complete game changer as it has features that will make you really feel crazy. It is worth buying because of its great features. MSI WindPad100W has all the power to catch your attention. Its look is its USP.

Going further and taking the note of its technical features it has Intel Mellow Processor of 1.60GHz which makes it lightening fast. It has a 10-inch LCD touch screen. You need to just touch it and it is all done what you want. A unique feature which is video website browsing feature in it. With the help of it, you can just browse videos across the world. With its high definition picture quality it is worth viewing all the movies and special moments of your life. It can be said that touch the WindPad and touch the life. There is a great feature which makes it possible to adjust the light of the screen of the WindPad according to the light in your room.

It is easily connected through the Wi-Fi connectivity. (802.11b). It is really great feeling to get connected without using wires. Now it is possible for you to get connected with all your near and dear ones on different social networking sites.

One of the most important features it has it‘s easy face recognition application (software) which makes you able to store your facial image in the photo data base so that it could be set as your system log in password. It is just like your family members recognize you and after being recognized you get entry into your home. It is the best way to stay safe.

With its dual cameras you can share your personal and professional life with just a touch of your finger. With its Adobe Flash Player it is possible for you to view your favorite video in a fully high definition quality. Just because of its smart processor it is possible to surf the Internet in a seamless way. MSI WindPad has a revolutionary 3D photo browser with the help of which you can browse your photo album in a different and live way. Just feel the difference. There are all the ports in it like there are ports for USB data cable, micro SD card and for your sim card. So it is all the possible ways to stay connected all the way and 24×7.