A new addition to SilverStone Technology’s family is the Nitrogon NT07-1156. This is something that company has to offer for the low profile market. This cooler has been designed to fit into Home Theater Personal Computers. This would benefit Home Theatre Personal Computers to benefit from the lower sound output level. It would also offer an enhanced output of media as the sound interruption would be negligible. It is a CPU cooler designed for space limited computers that utilize LGA 1156 platforms. It has super slim profile and features copper center construction with extruded aluminum fins. This gives Nitrogon NT07-1156 an excellent thermal conductive capability. This is something that would give a good tough time to some its larger rivals.

It packages silence, performance, space efficient and affordability. According to the manufacturers website “The custom 90mm fan was designed with fan blades to achieve the highest air pressure possible while maintaining an acoustic profile that is rare for cooler of this size. At a total height of only 37mm tall, the NT07-1156 is likely the best choice and the only choice for slim sized cases utilizing LGA 1156 processors”.

This super cooler is available at 22.49 Euro (about $29).

How to Install

Apply the heat sink compound that is included in the package on your CPU evenly. Place the Nitrogon NT07-1156 cooler on the top of the installed CPU on your system. Align the four fasteners with the mother board. These fasteners are included in the package you buy. While press fasteners, so the coolers hooks up with your mother board, be sure to press diagonal fasteners simultaneously. This would mount the cooler in its place. When the Nitrogon NT07-1156 cooler is in place, connect the CPU fan cable to the connector labeled “CPU_FAN” on mother board. And there you are, ready to go.

Special Features

The SilverStone Technology’s Nitrogon NT07-1156 has been designed to work with Intel LGA 1156 processors. As mentioned before it has been designed keeping in view the exact requirements of Home Theater Personal Computers that a very low profile at only 37mm tall. Although the fan is custom designed at a size of 90mm, yet is has been made super quite. As described in the company’s operation and installation manual, it is very easy to install. A few here and there and you are ready to use the Nitrogen NT07-1156. This super cooler has also got a built-in switch to control the cooler fan speed for Intel Extreme series CPUs.


Model                                      SST-NT07-1156

Material                                   Copper center, Extruded aluminum fins

Application                              Intel LGA 1156

Cooling fan                              90mm cooling fan

Fan blade size                          90mm x 90mm x 16mm

Fan speed                                1200 ~ 3000 rpm ± 10% / 1200 ~ 1800 rpm ± 10%

Max air pressure                      0.5 ~ 2.75mm H2O / 0.5 ~ 1.58mm H2O

Max airflow                             12 ~ 40 CFM / 12 ~23 CFM

Noise                                       15 ~ 38 dBA / 15 ~ 23 dBA

Thermal Resistance                  0.30( C/W)

Net Weight                               310g

Dimension w/fan                                 93mm (W) x 36.5mm (H) x 93mm (D)