CES means The International Consumer Electronics Show, which is held in the Las Vegas, Nevada in USA every year since 1967. This show is held in Las Vegas Convention Center and not opens to the public. The organizer of this show organizes this show for the endowment and preview of new electronic products or gadgets. This year the CES was held between 6 to 9 January and exhibited many electronic gadgets like Tablets, gaming laptops, cameras and many other.

The new gaming laptops from the various brands were one of the main attractions at CES 2011. The main brands which introduced their gaming laptops were Acer, Asus, MSI and Toshiba. These all gaming laptops are designed for the hardcore gaming purpose and are powered by Intel i7 and Quad Core mobile processer family. Some of basic functions are same in all brands like 3D LED display, Video and Graphic cards etc. Asus produced its G73SW-A1 and G73SW-3RD model which are non 3D and 3D subsequently. Toshiba introduced its Qosmio X505 model of gaming laptop; MSI rolled out with GTX 460M and GTX 560M models. These all laptops have very good gaming performance and can run the game without any obstruction because of high configurations.

Design of these laptops is also unique and performance based. Manufacturers also introduced new technologies for these products like cooler boost cooling. Because of high performance these mobile processers posses very high heat and its is not advisable at all to buy laptop which posses large amount of heat, so companies have introduced new cooling techniques for them and as a result of which these all laptops generate very low heat increasing the performance of processer. Mainly these gaming laptops come with 17 inches and 18.4 inches wide screen LED backlit display so viewing of games is not a problem. User will get a very large and very responsive HD display which enhances the experience of gaming.

For increasing the video performance manufacturers have provided sufficient memory RAM and video cards. Generally these laptops come with 8 GB of RAM which is a very huge memory for all kinds of games whether they are normal or 3D. Also these laptops have the Nvidia GeForce video card or can say Graphics card which has about 2 GB of memory so gamers can enjoy their games without any obstruction. The option of AMD graphics card is also available for AMD lovers.  Many times storage of games is a very big problem but because of the large HDD space this problem has been eliminated. In these laptops the HDD’s provided are Dual Data Rate HDDs which run with very high speed and can transfer data very quickly. For installing the games, Blue Ray DVD drive has also been provided by the laptop companies.

These gaming laptops have been priced between $1,300 and $1,900.