The new drivers that came with GTX 460 family support Fermi are a lot faster. With the GeForce GTX 460, Nvidia has also highlighted the new drivers support. But even those who do not yet posses the 460 GTX GPU,  will be able to achieve performance improvements in driver 258.96 WHQL Candidate. It tends to give additional performance boost up for the GeForce GTX 400 graphic cards in a lot of PC games.

Release of new GTX series

Computer gaming is a very important part f today’s life. To enhance the pleasure in gaming, Nvidia came across with two new GeFource graphics card with high modulation. GeForce is a highly sophisticated graphics processing units (GPU) which is produced and marketed by Nvidia. According to Nvidia the newly released Gefource GTX 470 and GTX 480 is newly structured so that they can support Fermi structure. It is to be mentioned that these two cards are the first ever card which are supporting Fermi structure. Along with this the cards will be able to use 1 GB or more than GDDRS memory.

These improvements are added to the total of over 256 improvements that were announced earlier. Examples of some of the most significant improvements as GeForce GTX 480 were tested, are mentioned right here as per information from Toms Hardware. Results vary as per different GPU and system specifications.

About GTX 400 Series

The road leading to the Fermi-architecture-based band GF100 GPU that powers the GeForce GTX 400 card first series, NVIDIA has had a rocky one. Hampered by many delays, and quite a lot of various problems, GF100 came out in the market much later than the NVIDIA planned to. Since the arrival of the original GeForce GTX 480 and its little brother, the GeForce GTX 470 a few months ago, NVIDIA has build up its range based on the GF100 graphics card in pursuit of an addition to the family, the mainstream GeForce GTX 465. And for today, you find these cards in big numbers.

A New Baby Boy for NVIDIA

NVIDIA has unveiled a second graphics cards based on the Fermi architecture, but unlike its previous versions, it is not based even closely on GF100. GeForce GTX 460 is actually based on newly developed GF104, which is a class of Fermi based GPU. It is largely inspired by the architecture of GF100, but it has fewer cores of CUDA and is limited to a few other areas. In actual, it has got far less than one billion transistors as compared to the GF100. Overall, however, the new GeForce GTX 460 is surprisingly efficient and a lot more powerful, given its relative affordability and reduces the performance of the GPU.

About Nvidia

Nvidia is a global brand of graphics processing unit manufacturer. They produce graphics solutions with latest and sophisticated chipset technology. The company is mostly renowned for production of world class IC (Integrated Circuit) and  graphic processing units (GPU).