In this world, where most of the techno-savvy community is looking for High Processing Computing (HPC), the need for hassle-free and easy-to-use technology is fast growing. In accordance with similar pattern, NextIO is all set to launch its new technology. It has come up with a very innovative and efficient technology, highlighting its capability to use an eight double-wide GPU pool in conjunction with their vCORE application. NextIO is one of the premier companies providing for consolidated Input-Output Solutions (I/O). The launch of NextIO vCORE GPU Consolidation Appliance is sure to take the HPC-centric population by storm. The application features its ability to redefine and reconfigure server-to-GPU connections, while allowing any server to gain access of multiple GPUs with the help of PCI Express, as and when required.

This new enterprise will soon be launched at the 2010 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), to be held in Hamburg, Germany. The fair starts on May 30 and will continue till June 3. ISC is a renowned fair amongst the HPC community and is often visited by several IT decision-makers. NextIO will be present in the fair and occupy booth number700. NextIO will also be featured as forum presenter for the session titled “Reducing TCO Using Manageable and Scalable GPU Compute” to be held on June 1. Mike Heumann, Vice President Worldwide Marketing and Mike Lance Director of Product Marketing will chair the session.

During the fair, NextIO will demonstrate reconfigurable GPU compute while making use of multiple servers in order to access the GPU pool in vCORE appliance. The best part is the “hot reconfiguration” of the servers in different formats of GPU per server – all this without rebooting the servers! The vCORE appliance also features ability to host up to 8 double-wide GPUs, while maintaining connections with eight or more various servers. The entire demonstration will focus on the appliance’s ability to enable virtual migration of various GPUs between systems, providing an easy and fast reconfiguration of the computing system.

In addition to the NextIO vCORE GPU Consolidation Appliance, NextIO will also feature another application, the vSTOR C100 Application Acceleration Appliance, which aims in boosting data intensive applications. vSTOR has the ability to deliver a maximum of 7 terabyte of storage space to five different hosts,, even as it allows 1.7 million Input Output Processes (IOPs) and a bandwidth of 6.4 gigabytes per second.

NextIO is one of the leading companies, which offers next-generation network consolidation solutions and makes its presence felt in several industries like enterprise, oil and gas, digital media, performance computing and financial services. With applications like vConnect™, NextIO has made virtualization of I/O technology on any server, storage architecture or operating system a possibility. vConnect, with its amazing scalability of I/O and server resources, helps in saving 50-70 percent on the capital, power and cooling. NextIO focuses its applications on boosting the performance and reliability of the processes, while aiding in administration, reducing costs and streamlining IT deployments.