Novell software headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts is a service and software company which specializes in identity, security systems and enterprise operating systems. Recently, in year 2010, Novell has come up with new product called as Novell’s Cloud Manager Version 1.0. This is a kind of uber operating system developed by Novell and it is intended to control virtualization of operating systems and the Hypervisors on which it runs. It helps the administrators to transform organizations virtual infrastructure in a complete cloud computing environment. As of now it is supporting the Xen, Hyper-V and ESX operating technologies. The major benefit of Novell’s Cloud Manager is that it gives the administrators to create various cloud profiles based on the computing workloads of the organization. No need to use the cloud of the computing can be done in-house and only use the cloud computing power when really required. It accelerates delivery of computing by an on-demand request processing of the workloads.

Given below are some major benefits if you use the new Novell’s Cloud Manager:

  1. It allows the administrators to create and manage workloads through the new on-demand concept.
  2. Administrators can define service level indexes and workload templates which helps users to create workloads.
  3. It gives the liberty to import the existing virtual machines in the cloud manager and use them accordingly.
  4. Because of automatic decision making regarding the computing tasks it offers quick delivery of the requested workloads.
  5. It has a feature of cost built into it, which lets the users know the computing costs if they wish to.
  6. With this administrators can create different workload profiles for different groups of customers. This is a key feature because why to spend money on operations which are not very urgent.

Novell’s cloud manager has its managing span in both private and public clouds, but its prime focus is on helping the organizations in managing their computing needs by their own private clouds instead on spending on public clouds. Public clouds are used only and when utmost required. The concept of this new product by Novell is quite similar to their operating system which was launched in 1980s. In this operating system, all the computing was done on the main server and this allowed the organizations to keep cheap and inexpensive PCs for work because no computing power was required in them. Novell Cloud Manager has taken the same concept many steps further. While launching the Cloud Manager in September last year, Novell had promised that will soon come up with more innovations in their product and will keep on improvising it. They kept their promise and released the 1.1 version on Cloud Manager in December last year. There were two major updates in this new version. The first update was that the Clouse Manager can now be hooked in the existing servers and there it automatically detects the existing Virtual Machines and use them accordingly. The second update is inclusion of iPhone in it. Yes it is true. Now the iPhone can be used as the remote console for managing the data centre and the Cloud Manager itself. This helps the administrators to stay in touch with their organizations network infrastructure and make any changes whenever needed even if they are on move. Though the iPhone console is still in beta phase but soon it will be launched fully fledged along with iPad support as well. This remote control app is currently only available for the iPhone and sooner it will be available for various enterprise phones like BlackBerry, and several other Smartphones.