NVIDIA is a multinational corporation that deals with the development of chipset technologies and graphics processing units for personal computers, workstations and mobile devices. Based in California, the company has been one of the major suppliers of computer devices like Integrated Circuits, chipsets used in graphics cards, graphics processing units, video game consoles and PC motherboards.

The NVIDIA QuadroPlex system is a graphics processing unit that aids large scale 3D visualizations and can support up to four GPUs per unit. It connects to the host computer through a PCI Express card connected to it and a NVIDIA QuadroPlex Interconnect Cable. The product is widely used for professional graphics solutions and aims for CGI animation companies, most popular being Pixar and DreamWorks Animation.

The latest technology introduced by NVIDIA QuadroPlex, which is the NVIDIA QuadroPlex 7000 DHIC, is new line of Quadro graphics cards. The new line of cards, known as the NVIDIA QuadroPlex series, would bring large improvements, as high as 3x in the Viewperf benchmark or 5x for complex geometry. Although these cards are primarily meant by gaming, they can also be used for the purpose of high intensity computing which is usually done CPUs like global illumination. No matter what the users’ purpose is, a graphics card like this could be appealing to just about anyone.

With the QuadroPlex 7000 solution, users can drive up to 36 megapixels across eight displays for economical installations of ultra high resolution and multi display environments. Now visualization of large databases in stereoscopic 3D and the spanning of any application can be enabled seamlessly across displays. For creating better collaboration and interpretation environments and gaining faster time to insight, multinationals and top enterprises need to optimize the benefits offered by QuadroPlex solutions. The solution provides the flexibility to create different environments on the basis of a wide range of needs, from an eight display configuration to a single 4k display. With their massive 3D models, they provide realism of the most demanding data sets and applications and also advanced interactivity. The performance can be even better by the connection of two QuadroPlex systems to a single workstation.

Apart from offering benefits for creating a wide range of environments, QuadroPlex 7000 also provide flexibility in the sense that it can be set up with any certified PCI express x 16 platform, apart from being certified on the industry’s leading professional applications. The QuadroPlex systems can be installed within any standard 19 environment, thanks their optional rack mount kit, can take up only 3U of vertical space.

The other features include a standard 19” form factor, enabling deployment in a range of environments and a scalable Multi-GPU that includes a combined power of 8 ultra high-end GPUs that enable power visualization environments. Also, they have an ultra-quiet desktop environment with acoustics lower than 40db. They are not only compatible with the Microsoft operating systems but also with Linux, Intel and AMD X86 32- AND 64-bit microprocessor architectures.

With so many features to boast of and assist in creating advanced multi-layered and structured environments, the QuadroPlex systems go much beyond their services to gamers.