There was a time when high speed computing was reserved only for the privileged scientists of our world. Although, Supercomputers took care of their needs but one had to wait for months, if not years, for a slot. Over the years, supercomputing has come of age and GPU has brought this facility to our personal computers! Most new computers today come with integrated GPUs but these have smaller computation speeds than those with a dedicated graphics card. Nvidia’s Tesla GPU computing processor offers great computing speeds and with CUDA programming capability, it is probably the best deal currently available in the market.

Nvidia’s CUDA is basically a software development solution which includes a dedicated driver, C-Compiler for the GPU, debugger/profiler and standard libraries. The logic behind the whole deal is that one can use CUDA to write programs which will enhance the computing speed by running multiple threads simultaneously. Nvidia’s concept is based on the simple CPU model of taking up multiple tasks and running them simultaneously.

Supercomputing needs have increased by manifold over the years; also it has a great demand in various fields of science. For example, a scientist studying molecular structures will require high speed computing for generating images from complex models. High speed processing needs in the field of geology and seismic analysis are also huge. A fast solution provided by a geologist may be able to predict an impending earthquake or volcanic eruption! Advanced technologies can also help discover oil fields thousands of feet under the earth’s crust. CUDA will be able to provide efficient solutions to all of this and much more!

Nvidia’s CUDA not only provides great solutions in the field of science but also in designing and gaming! There are talks of Apple putting Nvidia cards in Mac Pro and if that is the case, it will enhance its designing capability to a great extent! Currently, CUDA technology is successfully used in the fields of academics and application development. It has been accepted by many universities and this new technology has forced them to scratch the surface and introduce new courses in parallel computing. CUDA has also been of great use in medical device design as well. All this, coupled with the fact that it is supported by both Linux and Windows operating systems, makes it a highly desired product.

The battle for supremacy has always been part of doing business in a competitive world. In the world of technology, the GPU battle has been in the limelight for a while now. Nvidia and ATI have been roughing in and out in the field for a number of years, and both have had their share of ups and downs. However fierce the battle may be, both of these companies are true market leaders in the field of graphics cards! Technologies have evolved over time and will continue to do so. Big players such as Adobe are keeping a keen eye on the market as Nvidia’s CUDA might revolutionize the face of high speed computing. At this stage, one might say, its advantage Nvidia!