How often is it that a friend of yours is watching the latest flick on his laptop and you stop yourself from joining in? Quite often, isn’t it? Crowding around the laptop screen   bothers many and I’m personally not a big fan either! Intel has targeted this very problem with its latest Wireless Display Technology (or WiDi), which was launched at CES this year. The Intel WiDi notebook comes with a Core i family CPU, the WiDi adapter and integrated Intel graphics. With WiDi, all you need to do is connect your TV with the adapter, follow a few simple steps and you are ready for a great viewing experience. Organizations such as Intel have repeatedly been able to provide perfect solutions to its customers and its worldwide success can be attributed to this outstanding quality!

Another such world class company is Nvidia and the work they are doing in the GPU domain is tremendous. Nvidia’s Optimus technology optimizes your notebook for excellent performance and provides you with a fantastic graphics experience along with improving the battery life of your computer. Sounds great right? Well, it is! It works in the background, without any disturbance, to provide you with the best computing experience. Nvidia’s CUDA technology claims to provide a 10x improvement in performance while you enjoy uninterrupted applications and games!

What more, two above-mentioned technologies work perfectly with each other! All that a notebook manufacturer has to do is build a system that is in sync with the Intel WiDi design requirements, and the Nvidia Optimus design requirements. That’s it! It is simply astonishing that there is no other hardware of software changes required. Having noticed computer engineering trends in the past, it does raise a lot of questions in my mind. When trying to make two technologies work together, a few modifications are always required. One tends to feel whether they were designed to work together but that is highly unlikely!

Nvidia says that it “just works.” You can now watch an uninterrupted, high definition video from YouTube on your TV set!  It seems that the Intel graphics on the laptop interfaces with the Optimus in an exclusive way, thus acting like a link between the GPU and the WiDi system. This makes Nvidia Optimus technology the only discrete GPU solution that works with the WiDi. Unbelievable? Well, for me at least! However, this amalgamation of the two technologies makes for great viewing as the Optimus can render pixels for the notebook display and the wireless display, both of which are attached to the Intel integrated graphics!

Software which are generic in nature have always been in high demand. However, it is difficult for software products to talk to each other because of many compatibility issues. However, the unique combination of the Intel WiDi and Nvidia Optimus has surprised the most seasoned software professionals! This will be highly beneficial for office applications as well as entertainment purposes. The future of wireless technology is here, and it looks great!