Oracle has decided to launch a new version of its data grid software. This version will be helpful in permitting Microsoft. NET applications to scale to larger multi- server environments. Until now this feature was solely enjoyed by Java enterprise applications. This new version has 848 modifications from the earlier version.

About Coherence

Coherence is a part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g suite. The specialty of this software is its ability to bind together the working memory of multiple servers and unify them to act as a single large virtual pool of memory, which is known as a data grid. Data grid is helpful in running large programs.

The company is confident that Coherence 3.6 version will support all the main business platforms. The new and improved version includes a unique query language along with newer set of management tools amongst other augmentations.

A new feature added to Coherence is; a session framework to contain the capacity to work with application using Microsoft.NET. In the past, Oracle has offered plug-ins that would run Java application servers on Coherence; the new version however, contains a special plug-in for .NET session data, as well.

Coherence also has a feature to avoid idleness (redundancy). In case a server fails other acts as its substitute immediately.

A greatly accessible and highly scalable performance-refined Java application model has been added to .NET. Now users can run several servers on it, adding new servers and running more sessions.

Coherence v/s Times Ten

If Oracle and in-memory software are discussed in one breathe then the name which crops in mind is Oracle’s Times Ten. Times Ten was created to preserve a large and frequently updated database within the realms of shared memory. Coherence performs this function along with holding the objects in memory, in the form of program codes.

If you have strings of Java objects which provide the application with an object oriented approach, then Coherence is an ideal choice. Coherence handles the domain model effectively leaving no need for charting the information from a relational database. This approach is very useful for organizations to run programs that would be bigger than the holding capacity of any server.

About Coherence Query Language (CohQL)

One more feature added to Coherence is an SQL like query language called the Coherence Query Language.  This feature allows database centric developers to use Coherence in a relatively easier language instead of complex domain models using technical language like Java.

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