LG electronic is a leading electronics company which manufactures televisions, computer parts, laptops and mobiles. LG is a Korean based company which is an acronym of Lucky Goldstar. As Android phones are becoming popular, every one want to launch an Android based phone. LG has announced that they are launching the Android tablet but now they announced that they will drop the project until January because of Froyo concerns. Android operating system is very much popular and android rank 3rd in terms of operating system used in the mobile phones. Android is powered with more than 70000 applications and you can integrate the Android phone with them. Due to the launch of Apple’s iPad, there is big competition in the tablet computer market also. iPad is a big success for Apple and other companies also want to launch tablet computer to stay in the computer market. Android operating system is very successful with smart phones and now computer companies are planning to launch it with tablet computers.

LG was planning to launch the Android tablet this holiday season but dropped the plan like many big players. The main reason may be the lack of optimization for tablet by Android 2.0. LG is still in talks with Google regarding optimized version of Androids. LG is not ready to take a huge risk on tablet computers. But some of the companies are launching tablet with Androids like Samsung Galaxy tab. Now Google is developing a new version of Google Android which supports both smart phones and tablets. Android Froyo will be best for tablets, and that is why LG dropped the project until January.

Now every one is looking forward to the launch and it is worth waiting for a quality product. As android 2.0 is not optimized for tablet computers, so it is good to wait for a quality operating system. LG is known for its quality products and we are sure that the tablet is will be a milestone in tablet computer’s arena. Google is developing the new version of Android and we are sure the new version will be more powerful than the present. As it is an open source application, developers all over the globe share their knowledge and thoughts; we can wait for a complete package. iPads are getting more popularity right now and the seel is a record itself, if we consider the iPad tablet computers as normal computers then Apple is the biggest computer manufacture in the world.

We are looking forward to see more tablet computers with more optimized and renovated applications in near future. Samsung Galaxy tab is looking impressive, let us see what will be reviews after the launch. Android’s future in tablet computer is based on the success of the Samsung Galaxy tab. As they are powered with Android, we are getting more interested in the project and it is really frustrating to wait for some more products powered with Android.