Removable storage devices are used in several PCs for transporting and storing information. There are various types of storage devices that include hard disks, CD drives, compact disks and portable USB drives. The storage limit of removable devices is increasing exponentially with the progression of technology. Storage devices are also formulated in a multipurpose manner, sometimes like MP3 players, iPods or USB devices.

Removable storage devices were used for recording purpose and small data transfer. The primary storage device was based on magnetic tapes where audio and video files are stored in a tape and marketed as audio and video cassettes. These devices offer flexibility regarding storage limits and service types. In early 90s, floppy drives became very popular for storing and transferring data. But in recent times, CDs and DVDs are even more popular medium of exchanging and storing data. Hard disk is the most popular and efficient device of data storage, but it’s not popular and useful for transferring data. Hard discs are replaced by USB flash drives as they play an important role in fast and efficient transferring of data. It is user friendly for its small size and its high storage capacity ranges from 256 MB to 20 GB.

Removable storage devices are divided into three types:

• Magnetic storage
• Optical storage
• Solid-state storage

Magnetic storage is the most popular and widely used media for data storage. Magnetic storage is done with the help of magnetized materials. Different intensity of magnetization is induced in various devices according to their use and memory limit. The data is stored in a form of non-volatile memory. Among magnetic storage devices, hard disk is the most pronounced and mostly used for storing data. Along with hard disk, floppy disk and recording tape are also the features of magnetic storage, which have slightly different technical specifications. But hard disk is more capable of storing huge data of different types, both audio and video including images and documents. With the advancement of science and technology these analog recording devices became digital with the use of computer hard disk and other cutting edge video and audio storage devices.

Optical storage is a referred as the device which uses optical signals to read data. The data is stored by creating round patterns marks in a device which can be interpreted correctly when light is projected. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is practical example of optical storage devices.

Lastly, the latest used technology is solid state drive (SSD) which derives from solid state physics that uses solid state memory to store data. Solid sate drive is portable and has a less operation time than others with more flexibility and durability.

Use of Removable storage is compulsory in this technological world as various personalized works are impossible without storage devices. Scientists are looking forward to invent faster and high memory storage devices.