Since the year 2007, Apple has been changing the smartphone and Tablet PC markets. It has changed the way one looks at a mobile phone, bringing about the convergence of the phone with the Internet, introducing a new experience, to the Internet and online apps scenario. Apple has for their iPhone and iPad, an interesting app called Picturesque. Picturesque is an offering from Kelibo, a new drawing app for your iPhone and iPad.

According to the website, Picturesque presents an interactive medium for drawing. Pictures come to life when characters are automatically scaled with respect to their positions in the picture. Character depth combined with background parallax scrolling adds to the dynamics of the composition. Add in fun background music and sound effects and you have the makings of a truly enhanced drawing experience.

Picturesque involves the concept of forming a good and pleasing picture and adding aesthetics to an existing picture in the form of nature or other scenery. You can take a picture of a loved one, create a background and sharpen the required portion by fading out the rest marginally and bring about the focus to the perspective required. You can choose from a range of colorful backgrounds, stretch and re-shape them and plant a specific picture in the new surroundings and make an interesting new color canvas.

The Picturesque app has also been made intelligent and you don’t have to resize the new images added by you to the said background. Instead the app is based upon the perspective and where you place the image adjusts the sizes automatically to a logical definition. Although, the Picturesque app presently has very few backgrounds, the app definitely adds a lot of fun for kids to modify pictures and share them through e-mail.

Although other apps like Magic Art and Doodle Buddy or Kid Art do have more interesting features, these generally work mainly only on the smart phones and are not available as iPad versions. There are however, only iPad versions of such apps available and provide a lot of innovative fun time for kids. The Picturesque app for the iPad has simple and easy controls, allowing for the child to play around with a few colorful backgrounds. This interactive app at $1 makes for a lot of fun for kids to try their skills on the iPad. In fact, being shareware, you can also try out the app before actually purchasing it.