Samsung has launched its one of a kind notebook to meet most of the mobility needs of the consumers. Yonghwan Park who is the Senior VP of Samsung Electronics announced the launch of Samsung’s new range of notebooks christened as “Q Series”. The models available are Q330, Q430 and Q530. These new devices have been designed for giving unmatched multimedia experience along with power and style. They fulfil most of the consumer requirement which anyone can need while travelling. It is a nice blend of performance and portability as said by Yonghwan. Q series has already been launched in UK and it will be available across the globe this month.

All the models of Samsung’s Q Series laptops are powered by Intel core i3 or i5 processors. The i3 and i5 processors have already proved their processing power in the market. These processors are very fast, and intelligently allocate power where it is most required. This results in smooth streaming of high definition video, playing games and every resource hungry graphical application. All the Q series models are very light and weight and slim in design but have all or more features of a smart notebook. They have USB ports, HDMI ports, a 3 in 1 cards reader, an optical disk drive and all the other conventional ports for connecting various devices. The keyboard itself is very ergonomically designed and has island keys, which makes typing easy and fast without many mistakes. Samsung guarantees a 5-7 hours of battery backup which if true is outstanding performance for a mobile device. Other eye catching features are a 500 GB hard drive, 4GB of memory and inbuilt Nvidia GeForce330M graphics card.

Samsung has gone beyond the contemporary connectivity techniques and has incorporated support for wirelessly connecting all the Digital Living Network Alliance devices. These (DLNA) devices include Samsung certified phones, camera, television sets, and gaming stations. User can easily connect to any of such device for easy streaming of Video, audio or pictures and that too without wires. It also has Bluetooth 3.0 in it which is 24 times faster than the speed of old Bluetooth 1.2 version.

A new feature which has been added in this series is the Sleep & Charge feature. Since most of the users have devices like phones, camera which can be charged via USB, so Samsung has incorporated a feature by which a USB chargeable can be charged by the notebook even if it is sleeping. No need to keep your notebook ON and exhaust its battery in charging some other device. This is definitely an out of the box thought and will interest many users and will be very useful.

All the features discussed above can only be experience after turning the notebook ON but the exterior design and sleek look of the Q Series is an art in itself. It is slimmer than most of the mobile phones and has a brushed black aluminium lid. This lid and the two tone colour scheme undoubtedly make the Q Series a smart and beautiful device.