Now days tablet PCs are very famous worldwide. Tablet pc is a personal computer which is equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device and is designed to be operated and owned by an individual. The term was made famous as a concept created by Microsoft in 2001 but tablet PCs now refer to any tablet sized personal computer unconcerned of the Operating System.

In tablet computers you don’t need a keyboard because they are fully touchscreen computers so they use a virtual onscreen substitute and all tablet PCs have a wireless adaptor for internet and local network connection. You can get software with a tablet PC like Office suites, web browser, games and a range of different applications. On the other hand since portable computer hardware components are low powered then demanding personal computer applications may not provide an ideal experience to the user.

Recently launched Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which is tablet computer hit more than 1 million sets sold all over the world last week. It’s a similar new edge computer like Apple iPad. Samsung is giving thanks to the users of this tablet pc for such big numbers. There are many bearers in the United States who have been selling this tab like Verizon, At & T, T-Mobile and Sprint with both contract and separately. The increase in sales of this tab had a lot to do with Black Friday holiday shoppers. It’s because of selling this kind of new thing would be cause for wild celebrations on the other hand the rival of Samsung, Apple has been selling its iPad since April 2010 and Apple sent out million of iPads in just 30 days and now Apple sent out almost 4 millions of their famous gadgets in its fourth quarter which ended in October 2010.

Samsung also sent out 5 million Galaxy S phones to their customers worldwide and in those sales 3 million phones sold out in United States. It you add the Galaxy tab sales in that then it shows that people likes Android based products.

Android is an operating System based on Google’s Linux and it has been targeted by manufacturers for the tablet space. Its success on smartphones is due to its open nature and support for low cost ARM systems like Apples iOS in 2010.

Several tablet PC makers have standardized on a 12” widescreen format and with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The 12” form factor is optional for the power, weight and size contemplation required for portability.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a seven inch view screen which is a small screen and any users like to use a small screen tab. It has a video camera but not with a very nice quality on the other hand you can see that Apple iPad has no camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is good in portability and its ability to use internet and web applications.