The Samsung Galaxy tab is a compact tablet computer that was launched on 2nd September at the 2010 IFA in Berlin. It features Wi-Fi capability, a 7 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen, a 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, and the Swype input system. It is also equipped with a 3.2 MP rear-facing camera and a 1.3 MP front facing camera for the purpose of video calls.

Ever since it was launched, the early impressions on the product were positive by technology reviewers. There have been lots of speculations going on in the market regarding its final price. In the early stages after its launch, people were more concerned about its performance and how its tablets would work together with its other products.

More than a couple of days back, few details have become known regarding future Android tablet prices in Germany. One of the German barriers that are going to sell the Galaxy tab is O2, and the official price is 759 Euros. Although there is no subsidy for the Galaxy tab, you do not have to pay all the cash at once. O2 would let you pay the amount in monthly installments, for a 24 month long period. What you need to do here is pay a 99 Euro deposit, followed by 24 monthly installments of 27.50 Euros each.

However, there is no indication from O2 that they would lower the price anytime soon, especially in the case of bundling the price with new data plans. With the new price, you would not get any 3G data plan from O2; therefore, if you wish to get the facility of any such new products, you would be required to pay over and above what you are already paying.

It has started to become clear why Samsung hadn’t come up with the official price of the tablet at the time of its release. Many experts are of the opinion that it was because the device is more expensive that it’s direct competitor, the iPad. Even though the device is a 7 inch tablet and smaller than the iPad, packing in some of the features that are not present in the latter, they do not exactly justify the huge price.

What would make the clash between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tab even more interesting is Apple’s launch of a new iPad tablet in the first quarter of next year. People would wait for its launch with baited breath and would be most curious to know about its price, as the upgraded tablet would bring in some of the additional features not present in the current versions. If prices of the new tablets are same as their previous models, then it would be a serious blow to the Galaxy tab by Samsung.

There may be a unanimous opinion about the wonderful features of the Samsung Galaxy tab. No one seems to question them but the product’s high price and its direct competition with the Apple iPad may make things slightly difficult for it.