Video Audio Integrated Operation or VAIO is a sub-brand of computer products from Sony, the world leader in entertainment electronics, computers, cameras and a wide range of other areas. Over the years, starting from 1967, with their SOBAX Electronic Desktop Calculator as a start, in the field of computing, Sony has been, setting various milestones, in the computer arena. Sony is also on the verge of introducing a Tablet computer in the very near future.

Sony VAIO made a name for itself in the laptop market with their popular, all time trendy, slim, Magnesium body, first generation VAIO notebooks, slowly setting pace, introducing the world’s smallest and lightest laptop, and have never looked back since then. Over the years, trendy, low-priced sub-notebooks mainly for web browsing and emailing, is what Sony positioned itself into, worldwide.

Besides these trendy, powerful, lightweight devices, Sony has always had the docking station as part of its laptop package. Among the many firsts, the CCD camera with the MMX Pentium Processor, 3.2 GB hard drive, the LCD with the double hinge allowing tilting of the screen, sleek less than 10 mm thick notebooks and the first Blu-ray Disk Notebook offered in the world, viewing and editing HD Video in full resolution etc. are some of the highlights of Sony VAIO.

The new Sony VAIO S series, made waves in the market once again with the Ultra Slim form factor, wide range of colors in full flat design, fast boot facility and, twin battery configuration in the exclusive Sony magnesium housing make the Sony VAIO S series, stand out in the crowd. This 24 mm thin notebook, with an aluminum palm rest features a double battery option, doubling the runtime.

The base unit comes with a standard battery, an internal Lithium Polymer based battery, with a life of 7 hours between charges. Sony introduced a second additional battery, which can be added to the base of the notebook, without even switching off the device. This second battery can also be charged separately from the internal on-board battery of the Sony VAIO S.

The 1366 x 768 resolution low reflection coated display, the ambient light sensor, for adjusting the brightness of the display automatically, based upon surrounding light makes this product unique. The Core i7 2620M processor, 8 GB DDR3 memory, and a Blu-ray or DVD Super Multi Optical Drive enhance the performance of the Sony VAIO S.