The all new Sony VAIO F series 3D laptop is an impressive gadget. Sony is a highly reputed electronics company and their famous products are mobile phones, laptops etc. Their Sony VAIO laptops are very popular and have a great consumer base. At the recent CES 2011 event, they showcased some of the most innovative technology to look out for. 3D technology is becoming very popular and many companies are trying to develop 3D devices. Some of them successfully implemented 3D technology to their devices like laptops, TVs, digital cameras etc. This new product from Sony will require 3D glasses but many other companies like Toshiba and Sony are also developing glass-free products.

Sony has recently launched the 16-inch multimedia powerhouse. It has so many specifications like it is built around the second generation Intel Core i7 Processor with 4 cores and it also supports Intel Hyper-threading and Intel boost technology. This laptop is supported with the brand new Sandy Bridge platform. This notebook also sports an exciting graphics card i.e. NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 1GB dedicated VRAM graphics card. It has also an S-force front Surround 3D audio system. The audio system is also powered with extended stereo effect and simulated 5-channel surround.

The best and main selling point in this laptop is the Full HD 3D backlight display. It is paired with the built-in 3D sync transmitter and also includes 3D active glasses. Over all, you will enjoy a wide array of 3D content, including photos and videos.

It is also powered with standard connectivity and networking options and sports an HDMI output. Sony VAIO F Series is pre-loaded with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Mike Lucas, senior vice president of the Sony VAIO business group, said that the laptop is a multimedia powerhouse with cutting-edge technologies such as Blu-ray Disc Player and 3D functionality in one portable device. He also added that now consumers can experience an unparalleled, immersive entertainment experience on their terms — in the living room, on-the-go, wherever.

Among other brands if you compare, you will find that Sony VAIO is the most expensive laptop out there and there will be no surprises about this new Sony VAIO F series 3D laptop. It comes at a very high-price point and starts at around $1,700. Viewing the recent trend in the market, this high end product can be seen as a revolution in 3D technology. Many companies are developing 3D products and this new Sony F series 3D VAIO is just the beginning in the line of innovative technology.