Apple iPad despite the mixed reviews seemed to do quite well with the users and hence the application developing market for this new tablet PC is still quite hot. Now, for the Old school developers and fans, there is another application called Sprite Something. The new application that follows the Pixel Sprite formula of the old days and helps the Game Developers and Graphic designers in Pixel Based Designing.

Targeted Users

Developed and Marketed by Terrible Games, Sprite Something for iPad is a retro application that targets artists, Designers and Game Developers. The ability to break in any design to Pixels and then display it as an image is the core feature that the software capitalizes on. The ease of operating this software makes it an easy option for the Artists and Designers.


Sprite Something is an application that helps in Pixel Based Designing. Long story short, it will help you conjure up any design or drawing pixel by pixel and then will display it in images of various sizes. The cool feature of mixing and creating combinations of colors and adjusting intensity of image (there is an Opacity button) also adds to its functionality. The application launched for the new Apple iPad will also be a great help to the developers and artists in the process of making Games for iPad.

Sprite Something for iPad is one of the few out of the box applications that allows you to manipulate and paint an image with full control of the pixels. This lack of restriction very much makes up for the old school vibe it carries. Sprite Something will also help users to create an image of a maximum size 512 x 512 pixels.

Handy Interface

The Application works on a simple, easy to understand interface that will be equally liked by the novice and the pros. It has an easy color mixing option, an intensity or Opacity adjustment option and a Preview button for a recheck. Like most of the thousands of Painting Apps available for the iPhone, Sprite Something has a Pencil, Eraser, Color Picker and a Paint Bucket feature for the ease in painting. Also, the Sprite Something has an incredible feature to add multi layers of images which will amount to the change in intensity in the resulting image.

Advanced Features

Apart from multi layering of images, there is an undo and redo option for going back up to 25 steps of work. Also, the export feature helps a user to save his Sprite Something image in PNG format. Connectivity with a computer with iTunes will help you use your work anywhere you like.

Sprite Sheets

Sprite Sheets are a unique feature in this already handy application which helps a user to save the work and view an image in different poses. It is an enormous amount of help when Game developing is considered. Also, it is one of the applications that gets you quality as well as saves your time.

So, for all the developers looking for a decent application to try, the Sprite Something for iPad would be on top of your list.