The ever changing trends in the PC industry can be attributed to the needs of the dynamic business world. First came the desktop, then the laptop and now the all in one PC. This latest invention has given a fresh breath of life to the gradually diminishing market for desktops.

Let us go back a few years. Owning a laptop was rare as it came with a high price tag. Slowly, this trend changed with laptops getting cheaper and affordable for many. This caused a serious problem for the desktop market. The desktop was bulky and took too much space, compared to the sleek laptop design. However, with the introduction of Apple’s iMac, people started seeing the desktop in a new light. It finally came with the much needed change the desktop segment was looking for. As of today, most computer manufacturers have come out with their own versions of the all in one PC and the market looks very promising for these systems.

Nowadays, most computer manufacturers offer touch screen PCs which is slowly becoming a norm for the all in one computer segment. These systems are sleek and consume a very small space compared to the traditional desktop. The designs are very modern and manufacturers give a lot of importance to the overall appearance of the system. Most of these screens can be wall mounted and substituted for a second television! Advanced models offer multi touch screens, taking the computing experience to a whole new level!

Though the all in one PC has taken the market by storm it cannot compete with the traditional desktop in terms of performance. Their compact size, which makes the product so appealing, creates great heat and power limitations. Another important factor to be considered is that these PCs usually cannot be upgraded like a desktop to increase its life span. There are a few models with big screens offering upgradeability but they come at a high price! The common man’s all in one usually lacks the power and entertainment extras and run on windows XP instead of Vista, but the cheaper cost makes it an attractive buy!

The all in one PC is good for entertainment and other less demanding tasks. This small form factor PC segment is growing rapidly. IDC, the market intelligence company, has predicted that these systems could have a 38 % market share of desktop computers by 2013! These systems are available in different price ranges and one can get a good deal within $1000.

Manufacturers are advertising this product as a second TV which makes the whole deal seem very reasonable. The battle for the top position is all heated up and the PC market has never looked so positive. All this, coupled with the number of manufacturers entering this domain, leaves the buyer spoilt for choice in this new segment of computers. The personal computer sure has come a long way since its inception. So, if you’re looking to buy an all in one PC, the time is just right to take the plunge!