Asus Eee PC series is the recent venture by ASUSTeK Computer incorporated in Netbook and Subnetbook production.This ambitious scheme was introduced in 2007 which is very famous for its light weight and low cost. In the same series, Asus has recently launched it’s netbook Asus Eee 1015PN with dual core Intel Atom N550 processor. It is mainly designed and developed with the thin and lightweight netbook technology which contains more rounded curves and streamlined shape. Asus Eee 1015PN has gone a step further in netbook series be launching the dual core processor with it as most of the previous and recent netbooks comprises the single core Atom processors. Dual core Atom processor provides a rich and fast performance to this netbook which can be an edge over any other competitive netbook available in the market.

Here some of the key features for this Netbook:

Atom N550 Dual Core Processor:

Acer Eee 1015Pn is launched with Atom N550 dual core processor which breaks the old barrier of slow performance netbooks. Al most all the previous netbooks were launched with single core Atom processors which sometimes generate a sluggish performance on netbooks. With this new dual core processor you can get maximum performance as it the 23% faster clock speed than any other single core processors.

Eco friendly power system:

The Eee 1015PN netbook generates the 10 hours of battery backup. The netbook supports the new power technology called Super Hybrid Engine technology. This technology customizes the power setting in such a way which generates the maximum CPU performance. SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) understands the user behavior of and adjusts the appropriate power requirement.

Blend Performance and energy-efficiency:

The Eee PC 1015PN comes with NVIDIA ION graphic processor which supports NVIDIA Optimus technology. The NVIDIA Optimus technology provides wonderful multimedia performance to users.

The NVIDIA ION graphic processor is incorporated to provide crystal clear visual experience which has always been missing from netbooks.

High speed Connectivity:

This product has all those features which a home user would require to connect to the outer world. Eee PC contains 0.3 megapixel webcam for video conferencing with your friends or family members and Bluetooth 3.0 which provides connectivity to your smartphone and any other devices. One more optional feature, Gigabit Ethernet, can also be availed with 1Gbps of transfer rate.

Cloud computing (Eee Docking):

Every Eee PC 1015PN netbook is launched with Eee Docking platform which allows you access all the digital data on your system with some other useful software. It has for major functions: Access, Sharing, Experience and Tools.

Access allows you to stream all the digital downloads which Sharing function can be used to share all the digital data of your computer.

Experience function is used to enhance the audio and visual performance and Tools option contains basic optimizing setting like Live update, LocaleMe to enhance the user experience.