In another twist of fate a group of Virginia lawyers who are known as the US copyrights group decided to file a case of suing 5000 defendants in one go. These people who frequently use the popular peer to peer (P2P) application Bit torrent can be in a messy fix the trial gets underway. The charge against them is using copyrighted material without properly buying them and thereby infringing the already stringent copyright laws.

The biggest hitch in the lawyer’s theory of prosecuting so many people at a time is that so many unrelated people cannot be prosecuted together until and unless their crimes are related in some manner. While the 5000 that have been named are completely oblivious of the other’s existence and no have relation what so ever hence their crimes cannot be considered common.

The lawyer’s viewpoint however illuminates an interesting point. They state that Bit torrent is different from the P2P applications. While the other like Lime Wire or Kaaza only connect two users one who is downloading the file and while the other who has already downloaded the file. Hence the connection is direct and once the download is complete the relation terminates permanently.

But in the case Bit Torrent, all the peers that are in relation with the respective file are connected and each one gets a downloaded piece that is different from others. As a result the download of all the connected users is simultaneous. Since everybody is downloading the copyrighted material together hence they are committing the crime in a group without ever disclosing their identities to others.

US copyrights group has hired a UK based company Guardaley that has been keeping tabs of all the IP addresses that were downloading the one file which had been surfaced by them. After collecting ton of data and some very tough mathematical calculations by decrypting the data they have indeed been able to prove the truth about Bit torrent. As a result the case now hangs in the balance with two parties having strong points for arguments.

There have been numerous cases in the past related to the controversial downloads using P2P links but seldom they have made this much noise. Maybe it is because this the first time so many people are in jeopardy of being executed.

In the end all it can be said is that these Virginia lawyers have found a ingenious way to indict so many people and also saving the individual fees that need to be submitted so as to the case to be registered.

The court has given a June 30 as a date for hearing and reviewing the finer point of case. As of now all it can be done is to wait and watch.