The launch of new AMD OPTERON 4000 series by AMD has thrilled the market long before its launch. Now when this is hitting the market and full filling the demands of the customer a lot more purchaser are ready to know about its facilities and showed more interest in it. This is the first server platform designed right from the initial stages to intersect specific needs of cloud, hyper scale data center and SMB customer needing highly flexible, reliable and power efficient 1p & 2p systems.

The Tech Specification

AMD opteron 4000 series platform offers 4 and 6 core performance at less then 6w per core; it reduces power consumption up to 24% over the previous chips available of it kind in the market. This can entertain more than one server within the same amount of power consumption as compared to the other platforms available in the market of this generation.


One of the most exiting and attention grabbing feature of this product is its cost. One can get this product by spending a very small amount of money i.e. $99 only. Its cost effective feature makes it a long runner in the market because people seek all the good facilities in short price. Of course all the things come with a price but spending money on AMD opteron 4000 is worth keeping. When compared to Intel chip which is of the same configuration but comes at a higher price of $167 till June 2010, Opteron is far cheaper and efficient serving the same range of jobs.

Utilization and Efficiency

It improves the power efficiency and the new processor is allowed for embedded systems with high end like telecom services, storage and digital signage, heat sinks, and power supplies. The customization part of this allows improving the entire efficiency of the system depending upon how it is going to be used in the system.

Indeed it will consume more power than any other atom chip. Reason behind that is a quad core chip but it can beat any other quad core chip in the present scenario when power consumption and efficiency is considered. Its processing speed is 2.2GHz with cache of 8.6 MB. The power supply is up to 75 watts.

It supports up to DDR3 RAM which are faster than the previous generation DDR2 RAM. And with current trend of frequently upgrading technologies it is difficult for one to maintain itself in the market with fear of becoming out dated and vanishing from the market that lead and force consumers to spend money again on other chipsets, the AMD opteron could be the complete answer because it has all the potential and a bright future to meet the demand of consumers. AMD is also planning to launch its series of 4100 opteron widening the platform.

Thus AMD continues to stun the connoisseurs of the digital market with all the latest innovations and ultra cheap products. The $99 server chip is just another miracle of AMD in the tech era.