You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications are present in iPhones for years but phone screens are too small to open and operate programs on a PC. With iPad it is a different story because of its 10-inch screen.

While testing different applications on iPad to control Windows-based PCs and Macs, we found that these apps work on iPad. We concluded that touch-screen tablet computers are not a great match for traditional computers. They are designed for a mouse and keyboard. There are also some issues of Internet connection as they mostly depend on speed of the network. These limitations make the application slow when receiving things like videos.

The two apps which we tested for average consumers are LogMeln and iTeleport. LogMeln is the iPad and iPhone inbuilt app of a computer-to-computer remote-control product. The iTeleport exists from the early version of iPhone and now they also come with iPad.

You can simplify the complexity of set-up by installing a special free program on the computer that you are going to control from the iPad application. The advantage of these apps is to see and control all the computers with this installed program. The set-up is very easy and connections are also reliable and fast.

There are some issues with these apps though. One of the big issue is related to the controlling of a computer. Each one of them has two basic methods for this. The first one will allow you to move the computer’s mouse cursor and you can click the virtual mouse by tapping. In the second one, you can directly tap on the things on the remote screen. Both these apps i.e. LogMeln and iTeleport are better with their own methods. But we also found it really tedious with the regular requirement to use touch to move the image of the screen around the iPad’s display.

Both these apps are available at different costs such as LogMeln will cost you $29.99 and iTeleport will be available free for 30 days. After 30 days you need to buy this application at $2.9 a month or for one-time you can pay $24.99.