There are many companies that have been producing computers of different kinds over the years. These computers include personal desktop computers and then the generation shifted to the laptops and the recent interest in tablet computers have also been a boon for the companies that are producing the tablet computers. There is a huge market potential for the tablet computers around the world because of the ease of use of these computers and also because of the portability and the availability of all the features of the regular computer on them.

HP’s Entry into the Tablet Market

The recent acquisition of Palm by HP is a definite signal in the market to kick starts its tablet debut. HP has acquired the company that is a smart phone maker and this is the eight step in the direction of coming out with a tablet PC. The fact that the operating system when it comes to tablet computers is a real problem, could be overcome if HP uses the web Operating system used on the Palm smart phones.

The company has been in the doldrums over the past years and it could not break out of the shell. Many critics were hoping that Palm could make a fresh start when it released the operating systems Palm Pre and Pixi, but the fact that it could never match up to the operating systems released by Apple for the iPhones and Goglew with the Android made the hopes of many to fade away.

Though the webOS could be used by HP to run on the smart phones, they could do more than use it only for the device mentioned. The fact that the same webOS could be used in many of the other devices that are produced by HP, including slates and other computers is reality. In fact some company executives are already hinting that the webOS will be used in the tablets that are manufactured by HP in the near future. With the acquisition of Palm, the dream may become a reality sooner than expected by many.

Many companies that are creating tablet computers are using the operating systems of the smart phones on them as they are more viable and examples of these are the iPhone operating system being run on the Apple iPad and the Android Operating system being run on many of the other tablet computers.

How markets are reacting to it?

HP has been manufacturing one of the well known tablet computers, though these tablets are using the Microsoft Windows version 7 on these tablets. If the company starts manufacturing tablet computers that are run on their own operating system, then the range of the products brought out by HP will get a fillip. The new products will not only increase the market share of the company in the tablet computer sales, but it will give the customers more variety in their purchase.

The operating systems that will be used on these tablets are sure to make a drastic change in the computer operating systems. The competition is sure to heat up and each company will try to change and fine tune their Operating Systems to make them a better one than what it was previously.