To deal with this busy world environment, users are finding it difficult to cope up without virtual memory upgrade. Computers enable users to do burdensome jobs very easily. One of the feature of computer is the storage capacity of the machine that enables PC to work according to several commands. RAM is the main storage device which helps to execute the commands and programs that are stored in computer. But in various specific cases, RAM is not able to support huge files, then it needs a support of other means like computer hardware. In this context virtual memory gives an opportunity to share the hard disk space by RAM, which is helpful to speed up the PC.

Computer has mainly two types of data storage: volatile and non-volatile. The data which requires power supply to store and execute is called non-volatile. In early 40s and 50s, large programs were created with two logics to be used in both primary and secondary storage. But after the invention of virtual memory this process is not necessary toperform. Without Virtual memory’s multi tasking option it will be impossible if RAM doesn’t permit space for the desired program to run. But when RAM share space in hard disk, then several programs can run a time. In fact, many programs can run with a relatively low space RAM with the aid of virtual memory only. But this may lead a severe problems during operation. Hard disk operation is many times slower than the RAM. In real fact the programs are executable only from the RAM. Thus to run a program data need to be placed in RAM first. The access of data from hard disk to RAM takes time and makes the whole operation slower. Physically high-spaced RAM or multiple RAM is more useful than virtual memory. Almost every instruction converts the virtual address into physical address which by using page tables. The entry in the page table indicates the virtual pages’ placement which may be in disk file or real address. This virtual memory is sometimes termed as memory management and this is done with the aid of some hardware kit.

Virtual memory is kit to make a PC faster. When a system contains more virtual memory, it is able to perform multi task more easily. Virtual memory is enabled mainly with the aid of hard disk; in fact the virtual memory can be configured in the system with the advanced settings. If system has multiple hard drives, then the work of virtual memory may be hindered in some extent. It is necessary to identify the perfect location where the data to be stored for RAM.

Virtual memory is an extent of memory elongation. In simple word it broadens the space of working and accelerates the PC with more speed.