BIOS is the primary initiator of the computer devices and software which starts all the devices to work according to their menu. Basic input/output system (BIOS) is a boot firmware or primary system device or code of computer which helps to run and test all other applications and devices. BIOS is expressed as the initiating media which helps to coordinate all other activities of computer after it is powered on. After computer is powered on, the BIOS identify and run the hardware like floppy drive, hard disk, graphics card etc. In the same way BIOS also make the software files executable after computer starts. The BIOS works in a sequence that is stored in the ROM of computer.

BIOS is attached to motherboard of the PC and the primary work function of BIOS varies according to general or professional use of users. According to its usage in different manners, the different BIOS setup is fixed in different spaces. After the start of PC, the post work of BIOS includes self test works like virus identification, disability or troubleshooting of hardware, power system, over clocking system etc. Then BIOS hands over its duty to operating system to run the PC according to its configuration. But in case of transferring OS data, BIOS also helps from the backend. BIOS looks over the hardware whether it face compatibility problems. In fact BIOS works as an interpreter between software and hardware applications.

The communication job of BIOS is not done in a single stage as the overall service of BIOS is performed in three stages. In first stage, after primary investigation, BIOS transfer responsibility to BIOS. In the second stage, in case of any problem or difficulty OS send a signal to BIOS and in third stage BIOS takes step accordingly. The whole process is done within a very short period, so that users can’t identify the steps manually.

BIOS failure:

After switching on the PC, BIOS activates and then operating system and other applications. If PC restarts continuously then it is termed as BIOS failure. Any message can come in black screen which will dictate what to do. BIOS failure can occur due to various reasons:

1. Virus attack
2. Failure of any hardware device
3. Over clocking

To get rid from these types of problems one must change or replace BIOS chip.

Dual BIOS:

Dual BIOS is a system where two physical BIOS-ROM are attached to the motherboard together, one of which is principal BIOS and other is auxiliary or supporting BIOS. Principal BIOS helps in booting of PC and supporting BIOS works as default BIOS which helps to run the computer. The main aim of duel BIOS is to enable the PC work if anytime primary BIOS fails.

For a PC BIOS is a must to run it without any interruption. Dual BIOS can help more in future computing for better service.