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“It was so easy they fixed everything and was very nice to me since i dont know alot about computers… your services are very good i was very pleased.”
Debra W, Tennessee

“Very courteous technicians.  Very patient and careful… It was fine! The technician carried through to make sure all my concerns were addressed.”
Betty C, Pennsylvania

“Very good sevice very fast… very clear on all instructions, and explaining what he was doing, at every step. and summarized all steps on finishing.”
Victoria S, Illinois

“He was fast and very friendly, I would be fired from work if he did not help me with my computer.  I am so lucky that I got someone so helpful… I don’t know you guys are great!”
Rachile F, California

“You made it easy and made me feel comfortable in what you were doing… I was impressed with your service and I do not say that very often. Keep up the good work.”
Bernhard W, Connecticut

“Technician understood the problem and got right to a solution. On the telephone, very polite!… I have no suggestions. Service is already very good.”
Harold L, Pennsylvania

“Excellent.  Over and above and beyond anything I could have imagined.  My CA issue was complicated and required a great deal of knowledge and patience.  Thank you CA and Iyogi.”
Elaine J, Massachusetts

“Resolved my problem!… Services were fine!!  Just a little hard to understand sometimes, but it worked and my problem was taken care of.  Thank YOU!!”
Rita M, North Dakota

“I got help from my phone call almost right away and they stayed with me via remote and chat until the problem was entirely solved.  Thank you!!!”
Mary W, Washington

“I know my computor was in bad shape and what I call a reasonable cost, they repaired it… I am more than satisfied with your services and the personel who handled my problems. God bless them all,”
Douglas S, Florida

“My computer was really infested with problems and the tech was very patient in removing them and getting me back to where I can now work on my computer… I know of nothing.”
Dave H, Florida

“I was treated fair, I could see what was happening and It seemed like everything was performed professionally… I can’t think of anything right now.”
David J, Iowa

“You were very helpful in solving the problem by taking control of my desk top and just doing what needed to be done… At this time your services are just great and very efficient.”
Wayne S, North Carolina

“I could not do this alone, my daughter left me this computer to figure out for myself… In my experience all options were talked and explained to me.”
Ursula K, Delaware

“The techs were pretty clear on what was being done…”
Rhona L, New York

“… They were very patient with me and I appreciate that.”
Ruth L, Texas

“I didn’t have to do much, the tech support did all the work remotely…”
Traci O, Alaska

“Your techs are knowledgeable, polite, and seem anxious to please…”
Mary S, Arizona

“Support person was patient and addressed what needed to be done.”
Chris N, Virginia

“The knowledge and quick action of support is beyond anything I have experience before.”
Verland F, Arizona

The person who was helping me took a great deal of time to thoroughly fix the problems I was having.  Took awhile, but thankfully, my system is “healthy” again… Not sure as I am very satisfied.
Shielah W, Texas

very nice and helpful to explain… you done great – I appreciate your expertise and will continue service.

The staff was very patient with me & knew how to help my problem right away… Perhaps establish the customers’ level of computer knowledge to help interaction.
Tarole W, Texas

I really thought my computer was destroyed.  you people were amazing!… Just continue on as you are doing.
Raymond d, Texas