Apple is offering amazing deals and discounts for this Black Friday. The discounts are offered on all gadgets including MacBook Air

Finally Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to fulfill your entire urge to splurge for upcoming Christmas festivities. Here arrives the big day- the Black Friday and with it the most popular US shopping season. Bring over your excitements and indulge in your craving to shop. As many shoppers are already making the best out of the deals offered this Black Friday, you also better hurry and join the brigade. There are offers from a range of brands such as Microsoft, Dell, etc and seeing the trend, Apple too has joined the bandwagon.

So, if you were waiting to lay hands on any of the Apple devices, this is the best time. Be an opportunist and grab your favorite gadget. It’s not always that Apple offers tempting deals and discounts. You can go check the detailed deals offered by Apple at its website.

One of the best offers is on MacBook Air, which is priced at $898 and is surely going to sell like hot cakes. The fun is not just limited to this since the discounts are also offered on various accessories as well. Some such discounts include:

• $11 off of on iPad 2 Smart Cover( which comes out to $28 for the polyurethane and $58 for the leather)
• $5 off ($45 total) for a $50 iTunes/App Store/iBookstore gift card,
• $11 off for both Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Magic($58 in total for each)
• Additional discounts on AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, and AirPort Express
• Discounts on limited third-party accessories as well.

Although these sales are similar to what Apple offered last year, it is still better than having no discounts at all. So all those of you who were eagerly waiting to own an Apple gadget, this is the best time. Get your favorite one before the stock ends and you miss the deal. The discount is only for a day. Happy Black Friday!!

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