The date for the biggest UK video game festival was announced at Sheffield Hallam University by UK Interactive Entertainment chairman Andy Payne OBE. Games Britannia, which will be held this summer starting from 2 July to 8 July, is organized by Sheffield Hallam University, UK Interactive Entertainment, Rotherham Council, and Replay Events Ltd.

The game festival was announced at Sheffield Hallam University, and during the event organizers gave out free Sony PlayStation 3 lessons to the students. The Games Britannia festival is aimed at addressing the importance of the video game industry. It pays special focus on kids aged between 5—18 years.

“It’s vital to our future economy that the next generation become creators of technology and software, not just consumers of it. And it is exciting events like Games Britannia that will help to lead the way in redressing this imbalance,” said Chairman of UK Interactive Entertainment, Andy Payne OBE.

During the Games Britannia festival, students will get to attend many workshops where they can learn the large opportunities that lie in the video game industry. Students from different schools will also compete against each other in re-designing the character of Monty Mole from the game Gremlin Graphics. The main objective of the organizers for the game festival is to create the importance of video games in children at an early stage. It is to show them that programming for a video game can make their dreams come true.

“We want to engage children with the exciting opportunities that the video game industry offers. Making games is a fantastic way to challenge and inspire students to study programming, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – as well as art, English and music – by applying them all creatively to a finished product,” said Dr. Jake Habgood, senior lecturer on Sheffield Hallam’s game development courses.

Games Britannia, which will take place this summer, will be held at the Magan Science Adventure Center in Rotherham.

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