He is the Sultan of speed. He was born to the tracks. He keeps our pulse racing. He is a man who needs no further introduction. You guessed right; we are talking about Michael Schumacher. This Formula One driver is celebrating his birthday today. Here is an Apple app to add to the celebration of the man who according to official Formula One website is, “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen”.

Michael Schumacher app
The app is a tribute to the champion. It traces his story of speed in 90 pages with high resolution photographs. It’s a must have app for every Schumacher fan.

This app tells the tale of Schumacher from where he began his love story with the fast lanes. It all began when he was four year old and his father gave him a Kart that had a small modified engine. It eventually drove him to the tracks and he won his first Kart championship at the age of six. The journey continued and he stepped into Formula One in 1991 with Belgian Grand Prix. A man who flirted with fast lanes was born.

This app further takes you to his first years in Formula 1/1992-1993. It features his days with Benetton, the Portuguese Grand Prix, where he won only one race. After this, this app drives to his The World Champion/1994-1995. The app also talks about his first Driver’s Championship. Later, he won six of the seven races in the Spanish Grand Prix. Finally, he had to settle for the second place. These years were also marked with penalties and fines. In 1995, he took over the Benetton title successfully. This part of the app also details his performance at Italian and Belgium Grand pix.

Then the app fast drives to two new chapters A new beginning/1996-1999 and The most successful driver with the most successful team/2000-2004. These are the dream years of Schumacher’s life. In 1996, he joined Ferrari. Ferrari had been going through low patches since early 1990s. Jackie Steward, the three times world champion says that the turnaround of the Ferrari team was Schumacher’s biggest success. During these years, Schumacher went on winning World Championships and rose as a World Champion.

Next, the app takes you to the chapters A new rival/2005-2006 and Retirement/2007-2009. These two chapters take us to the decline of the Star. It was in 2005 when the rules were changed, Schumacher’s only win came in 2005 came at the United States Grand Pix. His Ferrari career saw its end in 2006; and in 2007, he declared his retirement. The last chapter Schumacher returns/2010, tells about his comeback and his life on the tracks again.

This app is a beautifully weaved story of the life and rise of Schumacher, from the driving his Kart at four to becoming a World Champion. You can download this app from iTunes. As he celebrates his 44th birthday today, here is to the Sultan of Speed, to the man who held our pulses with his wheels.
Happy Birthday Michael Schumacher!!!

Developer: Goodbook
Version: 2.0
Platform: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Price: $ 1.99