Developer: Loud Crow Interactive Inc
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: US$ 6.99

A Charlie Brown Christmas app is now available for iPad and Android-based devices. The app is in the form of digital book, which will surely attract youngsters. It’s priced at US$ 6.99 and can be easily downloaded from the Android market.

How many of you loved A Charlie Brown Christmas animated series? Do you want to revive those good old days of sixties when Peanuts gang struggled to find the meaning of Christmas? Do you still want to help them in doing the same or perhaps want your younger ones to do it? Well, here’s something exciting! Charles M Schulz’s classic is again back and this time it’s not a TV series or a movie. It has come up as an app for iPad and Android-based phones. So what, if you are not interested in the app, your tiny tots will surely be enthusiastic about helping Charlie. This Christmas, spend time with your little ones and help them explore more about Charlie Brown.

Here’s how you can do it. Loud Crow Interactive Inc has gone an extra mile to make sure you experience the comeback of your favorite Christmas time experienced till now. The company has introduced a digital book iPad app for A Charlie Brown Christmas. One more thing that you will find in this app is Peter Robbins as the original voice of Charlie Brown. He will narrate the entire plot that will be accompanied by the digitally improved illustrations, animation and music.

The fun part is the availability of the app on Android platform as well. And if you are the one who loves that extra thrill, then this app is positively for you. With few prominent features that are mentioned below, you will surely love this app:

• Original Peter Robbins narration with authentic sound track and effects.
• Original dialogs to give a touch of authenticity while you tap your finger to hear individual words.
• Option of decorating your very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
• Get your own rewards by participating in the lights and display contest.

Well, these are just some of the many features, which this app includes. This Christmas, the app will turn your iPad into an amazing entertaining tool, which will surely be loved by your younger ones.

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