Christmas is around the corner and your festive spirits are high. Your adrenaline is already pumping at the speed of horses. Get out of your lazy mode and gear up to enjoy the festive season. Running is the best way to do that. “Running helps me stay on an even keel and in an optimistic frame of mind,” said Bill Clinton once. Put on your shoes and get going. Whether it is for a cause or not, running will surely help you to burn some extra calories and to fit perfectly into your new Christmas dress. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Ask your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors to participate with you in the biggest racing event that is around the corner. Yes! You guessed it right the 102nd Thanksgiving Day Race is back, and this time its back with an extra bang. A huge number of volunteers have already registered and many more are expected to join the event. The excitement-filled race will commence on 24 November 2011 at 9:00 am from Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH. Register yourselves before it shuts down.

What is the Thanksgiving Day Race all about?
The oldest and the largest 10k run/walk throughout the nation, Thanksgiving Day Race, was founded in 1907. The race is all about celebrating good health and holding family holiday traditions. Thanksgiving Day Race supports various charities and is indeed a noble cause.

Well, apart from doing some philanthropy, the race is also road to health covering the distance of 6.2 miles across three cities and two states. The health benefits of running is also a major reason behind increasing the number of participants, which has gone up by 250% since the last five years. The best part is that people of all age group are welcome to participate and everyone is doing this enthusiastically.

There are many volunteers who are enthusiastically participating in this year’s race and “Team Goodwill” is one of them. This team of 10 members is led by the chief Matt Graves.

Get ready for the race, dress you best and put on the right shoes. Hold On! Before you go for the final act, do some rehearsal. The dress and other paraphernalia are sufficient, but you need to get help of technology here to prepare yourself completely.

Here’s how you can gear up for the race
There are various apps which can help you during the Thanksgiving Day Race preparation. Some of them are mentioned below:
iMapMyFitness is a perfect running app that can help you practice for the final race. It is extremely simple to use by all age groups. There are special features like voice prompts to give you updates on Pace, Live Route Map, Calories, and Nutrition.

The app comprises of various voice prompts to make you feel more connected and track your progress. Mapping your heart rate is also included in the process. For all those social media buffs, you can also post your runs and records on your Facebook as well as Twitter profile to boast about your stamina.

The app has a lot to offer apart from tracking your fitness. You can also search the database of over 26 million routes and discover more and more new places to run and become fit. What’s more, there is a community of fitness freaks that you can join and share your tips with the like-minded people.

iMapMyFitness can be downloaded from iTunes webstore for free. The app will surely be your great companion in your preparations for the Thanksgiving Day Race.

Runkeeper is another app for Android users

Runkeeper app will help you practice even more enthusiastically, because the app tracks your route via GPS on the map as well. What’s more, Runkeeper will also help you in keeping a record of your mileage, time spent on running, along with other statistics to give you the details of total distance covered.

With such exciting features, this app will surely compel you to get off that couch and become a fitness freak. With tools like customizable audio cues, improved fitness class experience and advanced coaching, your running will become an easy task. So folks, gear up and ask your friends to join as well. Your preparation for Thanksgiving Day Race will become even more exciting when the apps are there to train you. You can download this app easily from the Android Marketplace..

You can click <ahref=” ” target=”_blank” title=” “> here to register yourself for this race. The race is surely going to be an event full of fun and excitement. So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring in some excitement in your life.