Quickly grasp the facts on candidates, know about the current political stirs, glance over popularity graphs, the Iowa caucuses, highlights, and insights

As the 57th United States Presidential Election is scheduled for this November 6, the heat of political campaigns is turning up gradually. Dedicated to this, Google has launched a webpage that would feature analyses, discussions, information on candidates, and other stuff. The voters can browse through different candidates and look up for political issues as well. There are sections like Trends, Results, and On the Ground to give an overview of the latest information related to the election.

The Trends section shows the viewers different popularity parameters to let them analyze the existing probabilities. It has three subsections to help determine the trends. The Search simply shows the volume of searches being conducted by the online users on the candidates. Google News Mentions subsection lists stats for the number of times a candidate would feature in various articles and blog posts. YouTube Videos Views shows the graph for number of watchers for a particular candidate on the most popular video hosting site. The information can be sorted by day, week, and month as well as by a region.

The Results section shows the candidates’ lead and position according to locations. On the Ground section showcases the series of latest developments, comments, Q&A videos, news, updates, etc. The whole webpage is very resourceful. Not only information, Google has designed it in such as way that it can be used for networking among people and campaigners or to raise funds. Journalists can also utilize the webpage as an advantageous tool for their research. While Internet is all set be become a hub for the political debates, debacle, and debriefs sometime soon, Google has laid one of the stepping stones.

To get started, visit the Google webpage for United States Presidential Election of 2012.

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