Google has finally made its entry into the world of music with Google Music. Google began its foray into the world of music from last May, when it launched the limited beta-version of Google Music. In this beta version, one million people participated streaming 2.5 hours of music every day.

With this launch, anyone can access Google Music to buy and share music online. It will support Android Phones, Macs and Windows-based PCs. It is currently available only in the United States. Google hosted an event in Los Angeles to launch Google Music. With Google Music, users can store and stream as many as 20,000 songs online. The user can either buy the music from the Android Market or from the new desktop store.

The songs can be downloaded by paying 99 cents or US$ 1.29 through the computer or the smartphone.

Google Music is intertwined with Google ; users can share their music on Google and their contacts can listen to the uploaded music online. Zahavah Levine, director of content partnerships at Android, said, “We’re the first store that enables users to share their purchased music with their friends. This is the single most important way that people discover new music. I think that it has the potential to transform purchasing behavior.”

Google have already signed deals with the biggies of the music industry such as Sony Corp, Universal Music and EMI Group Ltd. It is being said that Warner Music Group, one of the giant in the music industry who owes 20 per cent of the music, have not reached a deal with Google Music due to privacy and piracy concerns.

After its launch, Google Music will be in direct competition with iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Who wins the battle is a far cry but at the end of the day it’s the consumer who will be in a win-win position.