PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay and the largest facilitator of online payment channel services, has introduced an app for the most popular social networking site, Facebook. It means the users can now send money to different people around the world from their Facebook account itself. To make it truly convenient, the service comes without any charge. It allows you to send the money to your friends and family inside the US free of any charge, if you choose the transfer through your bank account or PayPal account balance.

To avail the feature, you can visit the PayPal send money app page on Facebook. Select an option from ‘Send a card with money’ and ‘or just send money’. You would need to log on to your PayPal account, before you select the desired option and finally send the gift amount. Once you hit the ‘Send’ button, your gift would be posted on the recipient’s wall. Other people would not be able to view the content due to privacy settings.

An estimate from the Greeting Card Association reveals that the users in the US send 500 million e-cards, annually. PayPal states that 50 per cent out of its total of 800 million users visit Facebook every day. These users have around 130 friends on an average. Therefore, the launch of this app can let users send money along with the gifts for various occasions.

While this PayPal app might become a hit with Facebook users, you might want to take a look at it before the Christmas bells jingle.