After AT & T priced its phones at one penny as part of an offer for the coming Black Friday, Amazon too is following the suit. Now a single penny can buy you Samsung Galaxy S II Epic and Blackberry Torch. Amazon is also offering the same offer on all its smartphones from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. This offer is available as part of the “Penny Pincher Sale“. If you are a penny pincher yourself, this offer is just for you!

And the good news does not end here, those who pick a hotspot capable phone and choose a mobile hotspot data plan get a $100 Amazon gift card. However, this deal is only for new subscribers. If you already have a deal with them, then better luck next time.

You can get all updates on Amazon Black Friday Sale 2011 on Amazon’s official website. This sale also includes two day free shipping. But iPhone and T-Mobile phone lovers will be disappointed. Though the offer is available on dozens of phones, iPhone and T-Mobile phone have been left out of this scheme.

This sale is sure to give Google an edge over its arch rival Apple. As on 4th October, Apple has activated 250 million iOS devices. However, Google claimed during its recent launch of Google Music that it has more than 200 million Android devices that are active throughout the world. The one penny sale will definitely help Google till Apple comes with a new plan.

But whether it’s Apple or Google, this sale is an offer no one would want to miss. For any customer, buying a smartphone in just one penny is definitely a lure. The offer ends on November 28th.