Thanksgiving Day 2011 is just around the corner and the mood of festivities is gearing up with each passing day. Thanksgiving itself gives us a warm feeling of togetherness, of families and friends getting together and weaving memories of a lifetime. Every family has a personal story linked to each and every Thanksgiving Day that has been celebrated by them. But we also understand what goes behind preparing for a Thanksgiving party. It’s not the easiest of all tasks to make it a perfect Thanksgiving Day. Here are a few apps from Apple that can make it easier for you to prepare for the forthcoming Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and Gardens: Every host dreams of throwing a perfect party based on a perfect theme. But party ideas don’t come that easy and it’s common that at the end of the day, party themes become similar. But here is an app from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens that will bring to you new party ideas, inspirations and themes. It will make sure that your parties are absolutely unique and a sure shot talk of the town. This app is priced at just 99 cents. You win a gift as a bonus with this app. Make your parties the latest buzz in the town with this App. Download it from here .

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach: Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can make blood pressure and tempers go high. Almost everyone acknowledges that cooking a complete Thanksgiving meal is not all that simple. But, Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app can make sure that you keep your cool. It comes with nine easy-to-cook traditional Thanksgiving recipes. All you need to do is choose a dish of your choice and this app can give you step by step guidance to prepare the dish with timeline. This app can be downloaded for free.

How to Cook Everything: This app is for those who want to cook a grand meal this Thanksgiving. It is an app of New York Times’ bestselling columnist Mark Bittman’s cookbook by the same name. It is packed with 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations. It is specially designed for your Apple iPad, though it is also compatible with Apple iPhone. But some of its features are compatible only with the Apple iPad. This app can be downloaded from here for $9.99.

Pair It! Food and Wine Guide: Thanksgiving, food and wine all go hand in hand. What’s Thanksgiving without some lovely wine to sip and warm conversations to melt in? But choosing the right wine with the right food is never easy. So, here is the Pair It app! This app ensures that you pair the right food with the right wine.

This app comes loaded with 20,000 unique and easy to follow pairing of Food and Wine. This app is being created by the famous wine pairing expert, chef and educator Bruce Riezenman from the Sonoma County Wine Country. This app can be downloaded from here for $4.99.

iFeast:Thanksgiving: We understand from personal experiences that the most difficult part of the Thanksgiving day is managing time, doing it all perfectly without fail. iFeast is an app that will play the most important role on the Thanksgiving Day to manage time. It acts like a pro, giving minute by minute preparation and cooking instructions so that; you get ready for a perfect dinner party. This app will make sure that nothing is forgotten to be taken care off. Make sure that you have a perfect party with this App. Download it for $2.99.

Thanksgiving prayer: Yes! Thanksgiving is one of the most special days of the year. Apart from the fun and joy attached to it, there is always a sense of overwhelming gratitude and a sense of being close to the spirit. We all know that there is no official prayer on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving prayer app is a collection of prayers that you can refer to on the day or for that matter anytime of the year. You can use this app as a reference on the dinner table, or even e-mail it to someone. This Thanksgiving get closer to the spirit with this app. It can be downloaded from here at $0.99.

1,000+ Thanksgiving wallpapers: Last but not the least, what’s Thanksgiving without those beautiful wallpapers shining on your computer system. There is no better reminder and enjoyment than seeing these wallpapers just right in the morning. Say a warm welcome to Thanksgiving with these bright wallpapers. Download them for free.

Hope these apps from Apple create a perfect Thanksgiving Day 2011 for you with your friends and family. Wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, which we hope will be one of your most cherished days.

Here is a beautiful Thanksgiving prayer from Johny Cash.

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