A move that can be termed as futuristic, Google has added a new feature that will help you to turn your 1080p YouTube videos to 3D with just a push of a button. The company has now introduced this option as a Beta feature that will let you transform your high-definition 2D videos in various 3D modes.

This amazing feature will work for all 1080p YouTube videos of less than 15 minutes duration. So, even if you have uploaded a high-definition 2D video a year back, you can still convert it into 3D with just few simple steps.

You may also need inexpensive, colored 3D glasses to watch your favorite YouTube videos in 3D. You can make an appropriate selection from ‘Red / Cyan’, ‘Green / Magenta’, and ‘Blue / Yellow’ depending upon the color of your glasses. And if you own active shutter glasses, you can opt for the ‘Interleaved’ option.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose a YouTube video and turn it into 3D.