You can now watch the digital avatar of your favorite Walt Disney character – Mickey Mouse. Yes! This official mascot of the Walt Disney Co. will become even more popular and famous again. Well November is his month and he deserves all the attention… Mickey was born in November 1928. He has been our favorite and its time we bring him back to our lives.

Walt Disney Co. has gone a long way to make this birthday of its patron a memorable one. For this, the corporation has partnered with the most popular online video sharing community – YouTube. The project will involve creating short and family-friendly videos for their chiefly targeted young viewers. Since Disney is planning to re-launch its website, this venture is a great way to do the same. The content will be available on both as well as YouTube.

The videos are expected to be out by the beginning of the year 2012 and will include all the new as well as already existing programs by Disney. The collaboration will also undertake the production of some original video series.

The programming will include Disney Interactive original series along with the Disney Channel Programming and all the other content that has been created by other Disney users. The first and foremost project that is due for launch in February is going to be an original video series, which will be based on Disney’s much popular mobile game ‘Where’s My Water?’.

This is a great opportunity for Disney Interactive to increase its online audience. “As we prepare to re-launch in fall 2012, the Disney/YouTube destination will play a critical part in our next generation platform,” said Jimmy Pitaro, co-president of Disney Interactive.

“Disney Interactive will produce and program the co-branded video destinations for both and YouTube, providing a family-friendly experience for viewers across both platforms,” said Disney and YouTube in a joint statement.

As per the reports from New York Times, both the corporations will be spending a sum of around US$ 10-15 million on the project. This great content alliance is surely going to bring out something that everyone will surely look forward to. Let’s see how everything goes about from here.