Well to start with we can say that Android-based phones, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone have single handedly revolutionized the way telecom market used to function. It has added a sense of style and class to the cell phone usage. Along with the style and looks these phones have, they also has some great features. These features are useful and can help people in several ways.

FedEx Mobile: This is a feature that enables a person to generate labels for shipping on the fly, help in the creation of the custom package delivery and get shipping rates and also access the FedEx web portal.

UPS Mobile: This is an application that helps in the process of tracking all packages, create the labels for shipping and also calculate the estimated cost for shipping and the time of delivery when there is a cellular signal.

Avery Universal Package Tracker: This application basically helps to provide all the details about the estimated delivery, carrier progress scans and the current location on Google Maps. All these three applications are very much present in Blackberry, iPhone and Android-based devices.

USPS Mobile: It helps in calculating shipping prices, track packages, searching the zip codes and also helps in the determination of the prices and timing of shipment. The status of messages sent with shipping services can also be checked with this application.

Track Packages: This is a third party application that enables tracking down shipments that are sent via FedEx, UPS and DHL. It can categorize shipments according to priority. This will give you status updates instantaneously. You can also send e-mail notifications as and when the package gets delivered to your home.

Ship Wizz: This is an accurate and smooth calculator which helps in the determination of the international and domestic rates for the shopping prices, which includes FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, USPS, TNT and many more. You must compare the cost of shipping for each carrier and select accordingly.

Overnight: This tool has a comprehensive function and performs all the major functions that are expected of a proper mobile application – track packages, get the price rates, find carrier drop box, locate zip code and many more.

For Android-based phones:

Package Tracker Pro: This helps in tracking the package from the international and domestic market and sends alerts when it gets delivered to the respective destination.

Mobile Package tracker: This is an application which tracks around 18 shipping carriers which include the like of USPA, UPS, FedEx and DHL Global- in both US and UK.