Before Verizon Wireless started accepting the preorders for iPhone 4, AT&T declared an openhanded change to its data plans for tethering smartphone customers. AT&T added an extra memory space of 2 GB for its smartphone users on February 13. These users are already giving $20 per month as the tethering fee. Therefore if you are using any AT&T smartphone and paying $25 for a minimum Data Pro plus plan for 2GB and $20 for tethering subscription, this way effectively you will receive 4 GB of data by paying just $45 monthly.

After announcing about its new plans in which it is adding extra 25GB data to their tethering plan, now AT&T has removed data plans and created 2 additional data plans. These are 200 MB for 15 dollars and 2GB for 25 dollars. So now AT&T has added 2 GB extra for the tethering plans that give total 4 GB in use.

AT&T is also going to stop its unlimited data plan for $30 a month for the iPad. This plan is replaced with the 2 GB Data Pro plan for $25. The existing customers of iPad who are having unlimited plans for $29.99 may keep this plan or they may switch to the new 2 GB data plan where they will have to pay 25 dollars per month.

The promotion also coincides with the launch of the first smartphone of AT&T with an in-built mobile hotspot, HTC Inspire 4G. This Inspire mobile hotspot can connect numerous devices from its smartphone using Wi-Fi. The hotspotting will cost 45 dollars per month for 4 GB. In a statement, chief marketing officer of AT&T Mobility and consumer markets, David Christopher said that customers want to connect maximum possible devices with the company’s broadband network. With 4G, this network is getting faster.

He added that they are trying to extend the benefits of the additional 2 GB to the smartphone customers on their tethering plan. Today this plan delivers more value for price what they are paying already and this is what their customers want.

According to the report of 9to5 Mac, AT&T will be granting the extra data of 2 GB every month to those users who have this tethering option added to the plan they have. This way they will have now 4 GB of total use every month and could have the ability for tethering all for the same $20 monthly plan.

AT&T said that 98% of the customers of its smartphones use less than 2 GB a month. The caps may improve the speed and accessibility for the network of AT&T for most of the users.