Nokia, which is known for connecting people is the pioneer in the field of the mobile companies and has surpassed all in terms of its performance. Nokia is the company that is known for its outstanding features, flawless performance and pious reliability. Nokia has delivered some wonder struck masterpieces in the yesteryears’ and continues with its contemporary trend. Nokia is known for its dire manufacturing ability. This is reflected, if one throws an eye on the Nokia’s masterpieces. Earlier Mobile phones were the phones those were mobile, but now we instead of being mobile they are loaded with ample features, eye-catchy design and great source of reliance. The above mentioned qualities do match up with the only handsets, which are popularly known as build-to-buy, NOKIA- connecting people.

Recently, Nokia has rolled out certain candy bar or ice-cream bar like handsets out its bakery. The pioneer now aims at seducing its users to a big platform of Symbian^3, which can be called “Next generation” cell phone. To bring in to limelight Symbian platform, nowadays remains the most versatile character of used Smart phones in the market today. The Symbian^3 feature brings in more than 250 outstanding yet astounding features, highly defined and retains a kind of familiarity with latest smart phones on demand worldwide. The three new Symbian^3 Smart phones by Nokia in the market are Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6, apart from this Nokia N8 to join the race of Symbian^3 Smart phones very soon.

The new family of Symbian^3 Smart phones by Nokia are rather a bunch of newly crafted features. They have the all new Symbian Operating System which is easier to use and re-designed to be faster, more efficient and more user & developer friendly.

Let us touch about an array of features related to Nokia’s new babies.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6, Smart phone that is compact, but trendy and stylish. A 3.2-inch AMOLED display with outstanding touch screen features rather fully touch capability adored by the latter.  It holds sleek design encompassed in a stainless steel and glass cover. Smart phone loaded with ample features to be the best supporting cell for social networking and awesome mobile entertainment. Through Nokia C6, you can stay connected with an access to millions of sound tracks which you can find in the Ovi Store, and can go for downloading games and applications too from the Ovi store. Moreover, Nokia C6 also offers an astounding connection with email and the outside world by a mere touch on the screen.

Nokia C7

Nokia C7 well carved and poignant social networking based Smart phone. Enables live updates from websites such as my space, Face book and Twitter. Also maintains the lineage of latest emails from or With sleek design, soft edges and encompassed in a stainless steel cover, Nokia C7 is the best choice for you in the market.

Nokia’s Symbian^3 Smart phones are in the race of top Smart phones, if you buy one you will not regret, but cherish its proficiency and will remain flabbergasted with Nokia’s new C6, C7 and E7.