Google Voice is a company which uses free Internet service using VOIP technology to link phone numbers together. Google Voice users will be able to select single U.S. phone number from different area codes. This service includes other features like centralized voicemail and indexable, automated voice mail transcription, accessible by PC or phone. ITune’s App store will allow the users of iPhone to download applications which take advantage of all the iPhone/iPod touch features.  Last year Google Voice has been banned by Apple from iPhone and Apple has removed two third-party applications from App Store.

One application is GV Mobile created by Sean Kovacs and another one is VoiceCentral created by Riverturn.

Apple banned these applications saying that they have “duplicated” some of the iPhone features. But it was not a fair statement as who have used these applications on iPhone they know very well that the application is provided in different way than iPhone existing applications. GV Mobile service allows you to create and use virtual phone number of your choice, stop most of the extras which is not possible for most of the other mobile phones or landlines. Also it includes features like ability to listen voice mail as they are being recorded, digital transcription of voice mails and assigning various rules to different contacts. Actually there was no problem with any application but because of the competitions between Google and Apple these both applications were removed from App Store around fourteen months before. But Apple has finally decided to start the new version of GV Mobile.Also GV mobile developer has confirmed this news. You can download new version of GM mobile from the link

BGR have a regular conversation with Sean Kovacs developer of GV mobile application, and now the new version name will be GV-Mobile+.

Actually this month Apple has totally revamped its App Store Policies and released list of guidelines and as per these guidelines developers are allowed to use whatever tools they would like to build applications. But earlier they put lots of restrictions on this. So, after considering all these new guidelines, Kovacs developer of GV Mobile, tried to resubmit his Google Voice Application and got positive response. So it was expected that GV Mobile Application may come back on App Store. After getting approval of Apple for Google Voice Application GV Mobile after a year, these both companies got lots of coverage from Press. As Competitor Company Google Voice’s application has been approved by Apple, it seems that GV Mobile is going to get plenty of attention by everyone and expecting to do much better.

But what about other Google Voice Application VoiceCentral which was removed by Apple last year? Apple has not approved this application yet so now they have shifted to focus on HTML5, browser-based Google Voice Client named Black Swan. Riverturn is likely to revisit and resubmit its native iPhone Applications in this big market.

If Apple has really changed his policy then surely you can get more surprises in coming years!!!!