How did it start?

iPhone was one of the great surprises on the IT market for the last few years. Smarptphones have been around for many years now, and still only fairly advanced users were expected to be using them. Then came the iPhone – fairly easy to use, with the time many applications were written for it (mainly because of the wisely chosen ad campaign, and the Apple app store creation) and it became more a fashion and lifestyle device than simple smartphone. Better phones were sold by the rival companies, but Apple continued to play cards well, and next few models of iPhone shared the success of the first one.

IPhone 4 was awaited anxiously by many people worldwide. It was sold in as many as 1.7 million phones during the first weekend of its release – great success in the sphere of mobile communications for Apple. People were extremely happy with some of the new features of IOS4, and thought they were doing the right choice for a smartphone.  Than, as the time passed, more and more clients began to complain about a single problem – when you touched a certain spot of the phone, the signal was completely lost. At first Apple denied the problem existence at all (as it is expected, until a research is done). People were told the problem is in their use of the phone. Then, after few days, the position changed – Apple stated that some software issues “may” exist with the new device, to prevent normal operation of the frequency generator, leading to signal loss in certain circumstances. Some ideas of a future software patch were shared, but nothing really happened – it appeared the things were getting more serious by the day.

The developing story

After all the noise that came up, the position of Apple began to change slowly, first it was announced that buying a proper hard casing for the phone will stop the problem, and certain product was recommended. The negative opinion began to pile up, and people started returning their newly bought phones, while Apple continued to argue no hardware issues existed. Then during the last week, a gentle change of position began, leading to an announcement, that in certain conditions, touched at a certain spot, a grounding of the transmitting antennae may happen, bringing signal strength to near zero, interrupting the current call or data exchange.

Such statement must be followed by suggestion how to counter the problem. And it did – free casing was offered to all IPhone users suffering from the problem. Ironically this is the same casing offered as solution before – but then it would cost you 25$.

This situation makes one think, what happened to the well known high quality and extensive testing of Apple products? Is the enormous popularity of IPhone doing bad things to the equality control? I hope that this mistake will make Apple think twice before releasing untested well enough device again.