BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which allows sharing data like videos, pictures, pdf amongst a large number of users and it accounts for approximately 27-55% of all the Internet traffic.

The files are generally shared by creating small torrent descriptor file which is distributed through common mediums like web or emails. The BitTorrent node acts like a seed.

The iPhone is a series of multimedia and web enabled smartphones that are designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The features of a common iPhone include an in-built camera, messaging and video voicemail, a portable media player, web browsing, WiFi connectivity, and an Internet client with e-mail.

Apple has always had its own set of stringent guidelines when it comes to deciding which software is to be allowed into their Apple store. BitTorrent has been one of the things on their ban list however spectators and readers were in for a shock when one developer eventually managed to get a BitTorrent related App approved by Apple itself.

If you are thinking why there are no BitTorrent related applications in the App store, the main reason is that Apple bans all the applications related to BitTorrent. The developers were thus forced to go to other outlets like Cydia. The BitTorrent ban was even explained by Apple saying that they do not publish these types of applications in the App store as they infringe third party rights.

However, in the previous week, the ‘IS Drive’ App of BitTorrent was approved by Apple and even added to the App Store. This application gives functionality by which users of Imageshack’s torrent can download service to add and control torrent downloads through a handy interface. Additionally, the App displays screenshots of completed video downloads. The application of IS Drive is now available in the App store for $4.99 for every Imageshack torrentor.

There seem to be a lot of possibilities around why Apple allowed the BitTorrent app to appear on its App store. Some believe that App has recently eased some of its guidelines relating to its app store approval because of facing a lot of criticism. As a result of it, many applications that were not permitted earlier have now been arrived, like the Google Voice apps, for instance.

Another possibility might be that Apple may not have realized that IS Drive is a BitTorrent app. Whatever the case might be, it is no doubt that it is a very surprising move by the same company which has always been thoroughly disapproving of such P2P file sharing protocols.