Apple’s recent addition of Multitouch gestures for the iPad in its latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will soon be losing the Home button. So now users will be using the multitouch user interface to navigate to the home screen or to sift through other apps. The next iPhone too like the iPad will be launched without the home button. These changes will be seen by us in the next generation of iPads and iPhones this year.

The next generation iPad is rumored to feature a high resolution Retina display with a dual core graphics chip. The iPad would utilize the high resolution screen and a more powerful GPU to play 1080p HD video. The new graphics chip powering the iPad 2 is rumored to possess four times the processing power of the current chips in use. Giving company to the powerful graphics chip is a multiple-core ARM Cortex A9 processor. It is rumored that these high definition display and super powered processing chips will also be bundled with the next generation of iPhone, iPod touch, and apple TV. The iPad 2 is also being said to feature dual cameras, one on the backside with a flash and the other for FaceTime with a slimmer profile and more powerful speakers.

The next generation iPhone is said to feature a multi core apple A5 processor coming bundled with a dual core graphics chip (GPU), which would provide support for graphic intensive apps like gaming. It will provide users a true HD experience in their hands.

It is being rumored that iPhone 5 will also feature support for Near Field Communications. NFC is a new thing which has many possibilities; the most obvious would be using it in place of a credit card for making payments. iPhone currently features a superb 640 x 960 Retina screen display which gave the iPhone an extremely high resolution display. The pixel density is so high on it that a user would be unable to see individual pixels. So a screen or resolution revamp seems unlikely.

Also rumors are doing the circles that Apples featured Photo taking application, Photo Booth will be introduced in the next generation iPad. There are also possibilities of for iLife apps for iOS to be showcased soon.

The next generation iPad and iPhone are rumored to be launched in mid 2011. They are coming fully loaded with the above features and also those which are being carried forward from previous versions. The new iPad will completely redefine computing and will distort boundaries between a solid computing device and a tablet. The iPhone 5 will on the other hand give you an experience of HD visuals high speed processing and a unique multitasking experience, giving in your hand the power of a computing device.