After much speculation and hype about the leaked iPhone 4G, it seems Apple has got serious with its rhetoric to get back the iPhone 4G prototype from Gizmodo. In order to step up the investigation, Santa Clara County police officers many file criminal charges against Gizmodo, for illegally disclosing corporate information.

Last week the prototype of the iPhone 4G had been left, at a bar by an Apple engineer. Gizmodo got a hold of the iPhone when someone had tipped them off about the information. Editors at have claimed that they had paid $5000 to get hold of the prototype to the informant. The Santa Clara County police have not issued any statement as of yet; as they cannot press for criminal charges. Though it is a state offence of stealing someone’s property intentionally with the knowledge, to whom that property belongs to; the police are still yet to clarify their role.

Before the police will be able to press for full criminal charges, they would need to conduct an extensive investigation in to the matter. However, for the meantime, there hasn’t been any press release by Apple as to whether they are taking police help to get the prototype back.

In the ongoing saga last week, Apple had asked Gizmodo to return the prototype. However, Gizmodo has not responded favorably, to the recent “demands” by Apple.

In the past few years, Apple has taken extreme privacy measures to safeguard the knowledge of its products. It is due to this fact, that many of its competitors don’t have a clue about Apple’s brand strategy which enables Apple to have leverage over the others.

For the time being let us see, if Gizmodo gets “checkmate” by Apple’s forthcoming move.