Canon is a multinational corporation that deals in the manufacture of optical and imaging products. In 1995, it launched the PowerShot products which are a line of consumer grade digital cameras and they have been among the best selling digital cameras throughout the world.

On 14th September, Canon announced the latest model in the PowerShot G-series that has been trusted by professional photographers over the world. It offers an all round powerful performance and the best in class flexibility to photographers and great levels of support and control for a varied range of accessories. The new model has been specifically designed to suit professional needs and needs of enthusiasts alike.

The PowerShot G12 is the first in the G series to offer Canon’s HS system. It features a high sensitivity10.0 Megapixel CCD sensor and a high performance DIGIC 4 processor that is designed to provide great imaging quality even in low light.

With the HS system, excellent imaging quality can be enabled while shooting at high ISOs. Darker scenes or lowlight places can be shot without using the Flash option. Situations that require the use of Flash would enable to extend the effectiveness of the ISO range, resulting in higher illumination of the subject. The feature also allows the camera to capture running objects by freezing motion, and without the risk of a blurred image.

Additionally, it features a 288 mm 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens that enables the user to capture sweeping landscapes and shoot distant subjects. The lens ensures the capture of detailed and sharp shots.

PowerShot G12’s 7 cm high-resolution Vari-Angle PureColor II VA LCD screen provides for flexible shooting and easy framing from a wide range of angles. It also features an optical viewfinder which allows users to match it to the vision.

Along with offering Full Manual Control and a range of semi-automatic modes, a new Front Dial feature helps in convenient and swift access to the settings during shooting. The main way of controlling the camera can be prioritised by either the real Multi-Control or the Front Dial, or their combination. It also shoots uncompressed raw images and has the Canon’s DPP software that helps to edit the pictures after capturing.

Another feature is the Electronic level function which allows the users aid the capture of level horizons. The multi aspect shooting in different formats allows the users to shoot according to the intended use of the image and according to the subject.

It also has the feature of 720p HD movie shooting with stereo sound. It is the first time such a feature has been included in a G-series model. Other than that, it supports wireless content transfers as well, thereby allowing remote uploads to image sharing websites

With the PowerShot G12 model, a unique blend of premium image quality, excellent handling and flexibility is attained. It can not only be the perfect compact for professionals and users, but can also be used by the majority of users throughout the globe.